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Judaism 101: Jewish Attitudes Toward Non-Jews

Date: 2018-02-19 14:33

This hinges on the degree of consent in the role of the police in an activity using dogs. Clearly where there is sufficient consent from Muslim members of the public, then any of the Muslim objections can be overcome - . using dogs to help search for a missing *censored* would overwhelm practically all objections. Using dogs to control public order could very likely inflame a situation, especially if they were targetted at Muslims and especially if it wasn't obvious that public order was under direct threat. Using dogs to sniff for explosives where there is a real and immediate threat to public safety is very different to using sniffer dogs opportunistically or as a deterent at ports, airports and other public places. Where they are deployed in a confined space, unleashed or on very long leashes, as they are at Heathrow Terminal Three Arrivals, they are extremely disturbing. In that context, Muslim travellers will and do react very defensively to the dogs. Though they undoubtedly have value for security and drugs control, the arrangements ought to be such that anyone whose luggage or person is picked out by them, can move his self and baggage out of reach of the dogs and consent to a human search. Whether the possibility that the dogs are in error may be high or low, the traveller will not know that, so innocent travellers ought to be able to easily see how to avoid the dogs yet still be subject to search for *censored* substances. For the not-innocent carrier, respect for religious niceties is obviously less of an issue. Where dogs are intended to be used to search a premises for explosives, clearly the matter rests on the probability of the prospect them being there, the nature of the building and the time available. It would take the most extreme circumstances to justify using dogs to search a building such as a mosque that has very recently been in full public use (making it highly unlikely that materials would be stored there - whereas access to parts of Finsbury Park masjid had been denied to all but a few of Abu Hamza's coterie) and whose occupation by the police was of such a short duration that a slower method could not be used. Police need to be mindful of the vast difference between searching a 'normal' masjid and one that has been sequestered by an obviously vicious group. What is most important here is to recognise the difference between poorly formed popular prejudice against . Salafi and latterly Deobandi institutions and the fact that Salafi and especially Deobandi institutions form a very large part of normal, engaged Muslim communities. There is a danger that an operation based on a prejudiced assessment of risk could use heavy handed tactics to be used in an environment where the ordinary Muslim community could not discern any need for heavy-handedness. Guide Dogs

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